Sughrue Attorneys Author “The Essential Case Law Guide to PTAB Trials”

March 09, 2018
Patent Office Trials Blog

Sughrue is pleased to announce the publication of THE ESSENTIAL CASE LAW GUIDE TO PTAB TRIALS, collectively authored by Sughrue partners and associates.  The Guide is the first comprehensive text on decisions of the U.S. Patent Office regarding the newest form of administrative law practice before that agency.  Through analysis and summary of the PTAB’s decisions, the text identifies boundaries of the PTAB’s rules, providing guidance when handling these highly specialized matters before the U.S. Patent Office.  Partners  John Bird, Jay Lytle, Susan Pan and Raja Saliba are The Guide’s lead authors.  The Guide is published by the American Bar Association, Section on Intellectual Property Law, and will be available March 15, 2018 at