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    Hotel Hilton (Mumbai) and Stellar Gymkhana Greater Noida (Delhi)



    Inter partes review (“IPR”) has been popularly adopted and used as a strategy for invalidating patent claims due to its compact and expedited process. The Board is required to render an institution decision within 3 months of preliminary briefings on issues of claim patentability and a final decision within 12 months of any instituted proceeding. Such a time frame allows both a petitioner and a patent owner to reach a conclusion on the patentability dispute. Further, the expedited schedule allows each party to understand its relative strength of argument, leading to a settlement within a relatively short period of time as compared to a proceeding before a federal district courts, thereby saving time and expense in the patent dispute.


    September 01, 2017
    Nidec Motor Corporation v. Zhongshan Broad Ocean Motor Co., Ltd. (Federal Circuit 2016-232, August 22, 2017) By David Emery In a concurring opinion by Judge Timothy Dyk (joined by Judge Wallach), Judge Dyk expressed that there are “serious questions as to the Board’s (and Director’s) interpretation of the relevant statutes and current practices” when expanding...
    July 05, 2017
    Federal Circuit No. 2016-1599 (Fed. Cir. May 11, 2017) In Aylus Networks, Inc. v. Apple Inc. (Fed. Cir. No. 2016-1599, May 11, 2017), the Federal Circuit held that statements made by a patent owner during an IPR proceeding, whether before or after an institution decision, can be considered for claim construction and relied upon to...