What We Do

Portfolio Management

Sughrue Mion, PLLC is one of the largest intellectual property boutiques in the United States. Transitioning and managing trademark portfolios is a specialty service the firm offers its clients. Our service is staffed by paralegals trained in foreign and domestic trademark laws, requirements and procedures under the supervision of our attorneys with particular expertise in foreign trademark laws and procedures. These specialists are in constant communication with our network of foreign trademark lawyer and trademark agent associates in virtually every country that has trademark laws. Our staff and our associates are supported by our sophisticated docketing and reporting systems.

Sughrue will consolidate trademark portfolios to our firm from multiple sites at no cost to the client. Once the portfolio is integrated into our docketing system, we work with our clients to tailor customized status reports to meet each client's particular needs and specifications. We routinely provide status reports to the client for its worldwide registrations and pending applications on a quarterly basis and more frequently, if the client so elects. These reports are provided at no cost to the client. We are also able to provide the client access its records in a secure environment via the internet thereby providing the client full access to its portfolio, if such access is of interest to the client.

The firm's excellent working relationships with its network of law firms and legal professionals around the world, in every jurisdiction where it is a possible to register trademarks, and the volume of trademark filings filed in particular jurisdictions, enables Sughrue to obtain fee discounts in some cases which we, in turn, pass on to our clients.

The firm works on a fixed schedule of fees for U.S. and foreign trademark applications and standard matters. Please click the following links for our fee schedules for 2012: U. S. Trademark Fees and Foreign Trademark Fixed Fees Schedules