Sughrue Attorneys Presenting At Korea Pharm & Bio 2019 Conference in Seoul, Korea

Sughrue Mion will be presenting at the Korea Pharm & Bio 2019 Conference in Seoul (KINTEX), Korea April 16-18, 2019. Ms. Sunhee Lee, Mr. Michael Dzwonczyk, Mr. Raja Saliba, Mr. Grant Shackelford and Mr. Hyunseok Park from the Sughrue’s Biotechnology/Life Science and Patent Litigation Practice Groups will provide strategic insights critical to patent owners in the life science space. These talks will span considerations pertinent to building strong and versatile life science patent portfolios and also successfully monetizing them. The Attorneys from Sughrue will also discuss litigation topics relating to ANDA submissions on small molecule pharmaceuticals, as well as biosimilars, drawing from the Firm’s experience in these areas to provide guidance on practical considerations on critical aspects thereof. More information can be obtained from the conference website at