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Education and Training

International Guest Program         

We regularly enter into arrangements with attorneys and intellectual property professionals who work for client companies located outside of the United States. We invite them to spend some time with us at our Washington, DC office as part of our Trainee Program. While here, we work with each trainee, exposing them to the full range of our practice through hands-on experience. Once a trainee returns home, this first-hand knowledge will better enable him or her to advise our client on the ramifications of dealing with U.S. business and the legal issues attendant intellectual property including its export to, or import from, the United States.

We believe that this experience proves invaluable both to the individual trainee and our client who is his or her employer. However, we see this as a mutual education process, so in sponsoring this program we also benefit . Through our Trainee Program we learn about how business is conducted outside of the United States. We also increase our sensitivity and insight into the culture, mores and operations of our clients, enabling us to provide better and more effective service to all of our clients.