What We Do

Patent Litigation

Our litigators and trial lawyers understand that a client's patents and its sales revenue are two of its most valuable assets. We protect that value in the commercial market space by enforcing our clients’ patents against unlicensed infringement. We also aggressively defend the rights of clients accused of infringement by creatively analyzing the technical and legal challenges of a dispute, and developing strategies keyed to a successful resolution. We get that patent litigation is a means to an end. But the protection and defense of a client's rights requires that significant technical experience, legal skill, and sound judgment be committed to obtain the best result.

Our litigators have strong backgrounds in engineering, physics, chemistry, and biotechnology. We routinely represent litigation clients in a broad spectrum of technological areas including electronics, software, automotive, medical devices, mechanical devices, aerospace, chemistry and biotechnology. Our litigation teams who work with our clients understand the complex technological issues inherent in patent litigation, and we understand the critical legal and technical nuances that often make the difference between winning and losing a case.

But our litigators are -- first and foremost -- lawyers specializing in complex patent litigation who routinely appear in U.S. District Courts all over the country and at the Federal Circuit. We know that complex technological and legal issues have to be distilled down to fundamental concepts so that they can be effectively presented to a judge or jury. At Sughrue, we’re not patent lawyers who happen to litigate. We are litigators who are also patent experts. 

We have a significant pharmaceutical practice that includes the representation of clients in Hatch-Waxman litigation and counseling matters pertaining to FDA strategies. We actively represent both Complainants and Respondents at the U.S. International Trade Commission in Section 337 actions. We have significant experience practicing under the specialized rules and fast-paced schedules of ITC investigations, and we proactively work with clients and the OUII attorneys to surmount the many challenges posed by multiparty cases at the ITC.

Litigation is expensive and time consuming. Therefore we always consider options such as post-grant proceedings before the USPTO, alternative dispute resolution geared toward a favorable settlement and licensing as we strategize with our clients. Whatever routes we follow, the end goal is to achieve our client's business objective.

Litigation. We get it.