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ITC Section 337 Litigation

The International Trade Commission provides an increasingly popular forum for resolving intellectual property disputes. The ITC is empowered to investigate complaints by domestic industries alleging unfair importation practices in Section 337 investigations, including infringement of U.S. patents, trademarks, copyrights, and mask works, as well as misappropriation of trade dress and trade secrets. These investigations move at a significantly accelerated pace compared to district court litigation and offer a potent exclusion order remedy to bar infringing products from importation. Recent developments have seen an increase in both the number of Section 337 investigations and the number of respondents named in these investigations as potential infringers.

The attorneys in Sughrue’s ITC practice group are highly experienced litigators dedicated to intellectual property disputes who are also skilled in the specialized procedures associated with Section 337 investigations. Additionally, most of these attorneys possess a scientific background in the electrical, chemical, biotech, and mechanical arts, providing them with the background to understand a client’s technology and advocate effectively on their behalf.

Sughrue’s ITC practice group has represented clients in numerous Section 337 proceedings across diverse technologies on behalf of complainants as well as respondents. In addition to Section 337 investigations based on patent infringement allegations, Sughrue has significant expertise in investigations involving trademark and trade dress claims. This experience allows Sughrue to maximize client objectives for a successful outcome in front of the International Trade Commission while doing so in a highly efficient manner.