What We Do

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Litigation requires a substantial commitment of client resources. It is frequently not the best use of those resources or the most effective way to achieve our clients’ goals. At Sughrue, we work closely with our domestic and international clients to understand their business needs and objectives, and to develop expeditious, cost-efficient and effective strategies to achieve those needs and objectives. Those strategies frequently include alternative dispute resolution geared toward favorable business outcomes to resolve our clients’ intellectual property disputes outside of court quickly, efficiently and effectively.

We are always prepared to, and do, take our clients’ cases “to the mat” in the courtroom when that is the best means of achieving our clients’ goals. However, most intellectual property disputes are ultimately resolved outside of court, providing further opportunity to enhance our clients’ business relationships while maintaining the confidentiality of their sensitive business, financial and technical information. Whether through face-to-face negotiations, early neutral evaluation, settlement conferences with the court, private mediations, arbitration or other creative approaches, at Sughrue we have the technical and legal expertise and experience to determine the best approach and obtain successful out-of-court resolutions for our clients.