Sughrue’s ANDA Roadshow Opens in Taiwan March 31, 2015

The focus of this year’s conference will be “Most Recent Trend of U.S. Bio Pharmaceutical Legal Developments for Taiwanese Companies”

Join Sughrue’s ANDA team as they participate in a conference on Trends in the Bio Pharmaceutical Patent field. The conference will cover current topics in the ANDA industry including:

Opening remarks by Susan Pan

Early Stage Navigation of the Patent Landscape and Paragraph IV Challenge under 505(b)(2) and 505(j) – Chid Iyer and Azy Kokabi

Early Stage Resolution of a 505(b)(2) or 505(j) case – Chid Iyer

Effective Litigating a 505(b)(2) of 505(j) case and a Typical Timeline for a litigation under Paragraph IV – Mark Boland and Susan Pan

Case law update impacting Paragraph IV cases in the past year in the Federal Circuit and notable District Court Decisions – Sunhee Lee & Azy Kokabi

Litigating alleged infringement of various types of claims usually found in Paragraph IV litigations – Mark Boland

Effective and Economic launching strategies in view of forfeiture provisions – Sunhee Lee

IP and Litigation Strategies of Biosimilar/Biologics Development in the United States – Azy Kokabi