Comprehensive Guide of PTAB cases saves hours of legal research in IPRs, PGRs and CBMs

Sughrue Mion has recently published the first comprehensive text on decisions of the U.S. Patent Office regarding post-grant proceedings before the Office, "The Essential Case Law Guide to PTAB Trials." Through analysis and summary of the PTAB's decisions, the text identifies boundaries of the PTAB's rules, providing guidance on procedural, substantive and evidentiary matters before the PTAB. The book is published by the ABA, Section on Intellectual Property Law. Former Under Secretary of Commerce and Director of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, David J. Kappos, says "Sughrue's 'Essential Case Law Guide to PTAB Trials' takes a very practical -- and useful -- approach to the PTAB's body of work, tackling the subject through the caselaw. By employing a case-law focus, the Guide makes itself a natural go-to reference for busy lawyers practicing before the PTAB or the Federal Courts. This Guide is well worth the desk-space to keep close at hand."

The Guide is currently available at