Sughrue files ITC Complaint and District Court Case on Behalf of Client Eaton Corp.


Sughrue attorneys William Mandir and John Rabena filed on behalf of Eaton Corp. a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) on Monday and a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court in Detroit on Tuesday to prevent a joint venture between German manufacturer ZF Friedrichshafen and U.S. automotive company Arvin Meritor from selling the ZF Meritor FreedomLine transmission system. 


            Eaton’s ITC Complaint contends that the ZF Meritor FreedomLine transmission system infringes six of Eaton’s U.S. patents.  Eaton’s district court action also alleges infringement of the same six patents plus four additional Eaton patents.  Both the ITC and the district court action seek to prevent further importation or sales of the FreedomLine transmission system in the U.S.


            The ITC has one year to complete its investigation and up to 18 months if the case is deemed to be complicated.


            Eaton said in its filings that it has invested considerable time and money developing its technology and intends to defend these patents vigorously against infringement.