Sughrue Partner Leigh Ann Lindquist Appointed to INTA Bulletin Committee

Sughrue Mion is proud to announce the appointment of Leigh Ann Lindquist, Partner, as co-chair for the 2018 International Trademark Association's (INTA) Bulletin Association News Subcommittee. This notable 2 year title is responsible for keeping the legal community informed on INTA current events and people, a position well suited for Ms. Lindquist who was recently named twice among the Leading Women in Business Law.

INTA is a global organization comprised of trademark owners and professionals who work to support trademarks and intellectual property matters for the protection of consumers and promotion of fair and effective commerce. With members from more than 7,000 organizations from 190 countries, Ms. Lindquist and her fellow subcommittee members will be working hard to report on the many breakthroughs regarding trademark owner rights and legislation within this boundless network. Raising awareness about INTA's progress and projects via the Association News Subcommittee is an important task that allows members access to relevant information, and gives credit to the dedicated staff and volunteers who are an integral part of INTA's success.