Sughrue Mion Sponsors the American Association of Immunologists (AAI) Annual Meeting

On May 7-11, Sughrue Mion, PLLC sponsors the largest annual immunology event worldwide - the AAI Annual Meeting - where the worlds leading immunology researchers converge to discuss the latest developments in the field. The program includes major lectures from some of the world’s most prominent immunologists, oral and poster presentations of abstracts and cutting-edge developments from scientists at every career stage.

Drs. William J. Simmons and Tu Phan-Kerr conducted a workshop entitled “Patenting Immunotechnology: Issues In Obtaining Protection To Help You Successfully Market Your Inventions”. The AAI President’s Symposium, entitled “NEURAL AND IMMUNE INTERACTIONS: A NEW FRONTIER”, chaired by President Dr. Betty A. Diamond (The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research) features cutting edge research based on the work of Drs. Kevin J. Tracey, Britta Engelhardt, Madeleine W. Cunningham, Lawrence Steinman including discussions of reflex control of immunity, how immune cells enter the central nervous system: anatomical pathways and molecular cues, molecular mimicry in the immune system: effects on the brain, and biomarkers guide patient selection for targeting innate or adaptive immunity in multiple sclerosis.

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