Sughrue Mion Celebrates Golden Anniversary in 2007


1957.   Half a century ago - and how things have changed!  Elvis Presley was the international singing rage. Dwight Eisenhower was the President of the United States.  Letters were received and answered by mail, taking days to complete a communication.  Copies were made using carbon paper or the always messy mimeograph machine.  Errors or changes in letters, patent and trademark applications or briefs to be filed in court required that secretaries type and retype them until they were deemed acceptable. There were no computers, no e-mail and no faxes.   No one had been to the moon or even into outer space.  Technology was in the infancy of its remarkable boom.

 1957.  Half a century ago - Sughrue Mion PLLC began “protecting the universe of ideas”, servicing clients with Intellectual Property Law advice, guiding them through the ever increasing complexities of law and technology and always meeting clients’ needs as each new scientific advancement and marketing innovation occurred.

2007.      Today. We at Sughrue Mion are pleased to be celebrating our 50th Anniversary of service to our clients and the Intellectual Property Community.  We look forward to providing those services for the next 50 years.