Sughrue Makes Trademark News in China



Sughrue Mion was recently named the U.S. representative of a newly formed Alliance between the Chinese Trademark Association and its membership.  The Alliance will provide direct access for the CTA's 800 members to Foreign Firm Alliance members to assist CTA members with TM issues in foreign jurisdictions around the world.  Sughrue Mion was recently named the first US law firm accepted an official member of the Chinese Trademark Administration.  The Chinese Trademark Association (CTA) is a non-profit organization directed by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce with more than 800 members.

The catalyst for  the creation of the Alliance and Sughrue being accepted as a member of the CTA was the first International Trademark Forum in Beijing on May 30, 2007.  Sponsored by Sughrue (in conjunction with additional Alliance members Middle Eastern law firm Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property and Latin American law firm J. Vega and Asociados,) the event was designed to promote brand development and brand protection for Chinese exporting companies.  Sughrue TM Partner, Kevin Smith was one of the key speakers at the event, addressing the delegates on the topic of Protecting Chinese Trademarks in the US.