Sughrue Hits Home Run in Patent Case For Client Cal Ripken, Jr.

Sughrue Mion PLLC represented CRJ Inc., owned by retired Baltimore Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr., in a successfully fought case against claims that its Ripken Performance Metrics (RPM) system (a programmable ball machine system for evaluating a player’s ability to field a baseball) infringed two patents. The RPM system operated with a FungoMan programmable ball machine that allowed the machine's operator to select how a baseball is launched based on a player’s skill level. The RPM system also included RFID technology that allowed the system to track a player’s performance. Zito LLC brought forward claims that the RPM System violated Zito’s '921 patent, issued in July 2008, and its '369 patent, issued in September 2016. Sughrue attorneys Bill Mandir, John Rabena, and Aiyda Cobb, however, proved that the RPM's RFID technology in the RPM System was used differently from what is described and claimed in the patents-in-suit. U.S. District Judge James Bredar in Baltimore, Maryland, granted summary judgment of no infringement for both Zito patents, earning Sughrue another big win.