SUGHRUE MION, PLLC Continues to Share Litigation Expertise with the World

In conjunction with the George Washington University PRIP Seminar, Sughrue Mion hosted a litigation presentation on Tuesday, July 10, 2007.  The presentation and associated reception and dinner were offered in Sughrue's new state of the art conference center at it's headquarters in Washington, DC.

Highlights of the program included presentations and demonstrations on litigation topics by Sughrue litigators Michael R. Dzwonczyk, Carl J. Pellegrini, Daniel V. Williams, and Brian K. Shelton.  The topics presented (including Compulsion and Compliance in the Discovery phase of US Litigation) were chosen based on the timeliness of issues currently facing many of the Japanese and Korean attendees who gathered for the event.

Sughrue has poised itself as an international leader in litigation by continuing to educate groups around the world on the intricacies of US courtroom litigation, having given seminars in the last year alone in Japan, Korea, China, Brussels, Munich and Washington, DC.