What We Do

Patent Portfolio Management

For over 50 years, our attorneys have helped clients both large and small to efficiently manage the patent protection they need in the U.S. and across the globe. Our veteran patent prosecutors help you prioritize prosecution of patent applications and develop a cost-effective prosecution strategy. As one example, we could customize a strategy that pursues sensible economic prosecution of lower priority applications, while ensuring that higher priority applications receive the time and resources needed to obtain the broadest possible scope of patent protection.

Our attorneys work with you to expand your patent portfolio by implementing the best business practices to efficiently secure rights to, and maximize the value of, any intellectual property that your business generates. We also evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your patent arsenal relative to your competitors to ensure that you fortify a strong defensive portfolio. Nearly all of our patent attorneys have experience in both patent prosecution and patent litigation, thereby creating a synergy of expertise that translates into impressive results for our clients at the patent office, the courthouse and the global marketplace.

We also help you to maximize revenue from your existing portfolio by, for example, identifying patent assets suitable for licensing or sale. Conversely, we help to reduce costs by identifying patents and patent applications that do not add substantial value to your business as possible candidates for abandonment.

Whether your business needs help managing a large conglomeration of global patent assets or simply a handful of key domestic patents, Sughrue has the resources and the experience to tailor a portfolio management strategy that suits your business objectives.