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Nanotechnology is defined as an area of science and technology that deals with the manipulation and use of materials that measure roughly 1 to 100 nanometers in size. It has long been recognized that at this size, materials can exhibit properties that are rarely seen or utilized. Nanotechnology scientists attempt to exploit these unique properties, producing new materials, new processes, and new uses for the materials and processes. It has applications in varied sectors of technology including energy, electronics, cosmetics, aerospace, automotive, medicine, military, etc. In view of its importance, several countries, including the U.S and Japan, have allocated substantial resources for Nanotechnology Research and Development.

What can be considered Nanotechnology’s great strengths also lead to increased challenges and opportunities, particularly in the field of IP protection. Nanotechnology advances require significant R & D investments. The resulting intellectual property rights in these advances must be properly protected to assure the return on the investment. Protecting these intellectual property rights requires the skills of an attorney who understands Nanotechnology.

The patent attorneys of Sughrue Mion have extensive experience in the protection of Nanotechnology inventions and have advanced and cross-disciplinary technical backgrounds that provide them the skills to protect all forms of nanotechnology. As a result, Sughrue has acquired a significant number of patents in a variety of nanotechnologies, including nanotubes, nanomaterials, liposomes, nanocochleates, drug delivery mechanisms, DNA/protein chips, microarrays, and microfluidics. Furthermore, Sughrue attorneys have provided counseling services and rendered legal opinions involving almost all of these areas.

Our Nanotechnology Patent Practice Group attorneys possess the technical expertise necessary to help our clients protect their nanotechnology inventions.

Detailed below is a sample of the nanotechnology patents Sughrue has obtained thus far:

6,699,582 Fine carbon fiber, method for producing the same and electrically conducting material comprising the fine carbon fiber

6,811,957 Patterned carbon nanotube films

6,808,746 Multilayer carbon nanotube films and method of making the same

6,800,346 Container with material coating having barrier effect and method and apparatus for making same

6,788,626 Optical recording method using optical recording medium containing nanoparticles

6,787,992 Display device of flat panel structure with emission devices of matrix array

6,783,963 Process for the preparation of metal sulfide nanoparticles

6,781,308 Plasma display panel having a fluorescent layer made of mono-crystal particles

6,780,388 Electrically conducting fine carbon composite powder, catalyst for polymer electrolyte fuel battery and fuel battery

6,763,593 Razor blade material and a razor blade

6,758,900 Micro three-dimensional structure, production method therefor and production device there for

6,755,953 Method for forming ordered structure of fine metal particles

6,749,700 Method for producing amorphous alloy ribbon, and method for producing nano-crystalline alloy ribbon with same

6,730,398 Fine carbon and method for producing the same

6,717,173 Radio-conductive material, method of manufacturing the same, solid sensor using the same, method of manufacturing radio-conductive film, and radiation image read-out apparatus

6,710,111 Polymer nanocomposites and the process of preparing the same

6,700,132 Flat panel display device utilizing electron emission devices

6,699,582 Fine carbon fiber, method for producing the same and electrically conducting material comprising the fine carbon fiber

6,689,721 Conductive grease and rolling apparatus packed with the same

6,652,148 Rolling bearing

6,648,990 Co-based magnetic alloy and magnetic members made of the same

6,627,689 Electroconductive curable resin composition, cured product thereof and formed product using the composition

6,605,266 Use and process for production of nanotubes

6,592,819 Microarray chip manufacturing apparatus

6,589,918 Conductive grease and rolling apparatus packed with the same

6,586,787 Single electron device

6,565,971 Fine carbon fiber and method for producing the same

6,527,988 Process of making carbon fiber with sharp ends

6,489,026 Carbon fiber, method for producing the same and electrode for cell

6,489,025 Fine carbon fiber, method for producing the same and electrically conducting material comprising the fine carbon fiber

6,458,601 Test piece and system for reading out image information from the test piece

6,455,021 Method for producing carbon nanotubes

6,425,960 Soft magnetic alloy strip, magnetic member using the same, and manufacturing method thereof

6,410,142 sPS nanocomposite and processes for producing the same

6,331,690 Process for producing single-wall carbon nanotubes uniform in diameter and laser ablation apparatus used therein

6,261,511 Method for producing ceramic composite particle

6,221,489 Carbonaceous fiber acute-angled at both ends and production process therefor

6,210,800 Use and production of nanotubes containing a mixed valence vanadium

6,203,864 Method of forming a heterojunction of a carbon nanotube and a different material, method of working a filament of a nanotube

6,171,451 Method and apparatus for producing complex carbon molecules

6,157,043 Solenoid comprising a compound nanotube and magnetic generating apparatus using the compound nanotube

6,153,217 Nanocochleate formulations, process of preparation and method of delivery of pharmaceutical agents

6,133,180 Ceramic composite particle and production method thereof

5,932,634 Method of producing resin composition containing inorganic filler

5,925,465 Carbon material originating from graphite and method of producing same

5,853,753 Liposomes, method of preparing the same and use thereof in the preparation of drugs

5,626,812 Method of producing carbon material by bending at least one carbon atom layer of graphite

5,486,404 Nano-crystalline soft magnetic alloy ribbon with insulation coating and magnetic core made therefrom and pulse generator, laser unit and accelerator therewith

5,376,380 Method of producing liposomal products from freeze or spray-dried preparations of liposomes

4,687,661 Method for producing liposomes