What We Do

Electrical / Mechanical Patent

Our Electrical/Mechanical Practice Group has vast experience and understanding of the complex technology that dominates our world today through hands-on industry, military and government experience. We are committed to providing our clients with the best methods of protecting their intellectual property both in the US and abroad. We do this by successfully navigating the intricacies of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to patent their technologies, protecting and defending their rights in patent offices and courts throughout the world and assisting in intellectual property strategic planning and portfolio management including due diligence studies and product clearance opinions.

With our experience and substantive knowledge of current advances in engineering and science, we are always ready to ensure that our clients maintain a competitive advantage as they advance their technologies. Our Practice Group procures over 2,000 patents per year; testimony both to the diversity of our practice and the level of our expertise.

The electrical/mechanical matters we handle span a wide variety of technologies, such as submicron manufacturing processes, aerospace and satellite technologies, semiconductor manufacturing, a wide array of automotive technologies, tire manufacture, golf ball technology, medical technology, bearings, circuitry, alternative energy, heating and cooling systems, telecommunications, fiber optics, display devices, welding technology, signal processing and robotics.

Whether the technology relates to optimizing the use of video sound or to driving a golf ball farther, our Electrical/Mechanical Practice Group has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle a full range of services so that our clients can achieve continued success in the marketplace.

Our Electrical/Mechanical Patent Practice Group attorneys have technical experience which include at least the following disciplines:

Analysis, detection and testing
Automotive technology and related components, systems and accessories
Cellular and pager communications
Computer and associated systems
Compressors and turbines
Consumer electronics products, such as televisions, players and recorders
Hydraulic and fluid-based devices and systems
Imaging and image processing devices
Internal combustion engines, carburetors, and controls
Materials handling and processing
Medical systems and equipment
Microwave integrated circuits
Network architectures and controls
Office products, including scanners, printers and copiers
Optical transmission and routing
Photography, including cameras, developers and printers
Physics-based devices that exploit optics, crystal formation, nuclear energy, lasers and magnetics
Printing systems and equipment
Radar and surface wave devices
Radio, television and satellite communication systems and communications circuitry
Satellite, wired and wireless communications
Semiconductor manufacturing processes and devices, including microprocessors, memory and lasers
Submicron manufacturing processes
Welding technology