What We Do

Biotechnology / Pharmaceutical

Our Biotechnology/Pharmaceutical group practitioners have legal expertise counseling clients in protection strategies, such as optimizing the patent protection of drugs, protecting trade secrets, procuring patent protection, defending or enforcing patents in litigation, securing licenses and transfer of technology in the United States. We also work closely with our clients and foreign associates to ensure the best protection worldwide. We have technical expertise in a wide variety of disciplines including those at the frontiers of medicine, such as regenerative medicine, to the more obscure, such as foods and drinks, to the conventional, such as methods of treatment, pharmaceutical compositions and dosage forms and regimens. We have considerable experience protecting inventions in the fields of molecular and cellular biology, genetic engineering, immunology, virology, genetics, protein chemistry, small molecule drugs, polymorphs, methods of diagnosis and methods of screening drugs, fermentation products and processes, and agricultural biotechnology.

Our practitioners come from academics, industry, the pharmaceutical profession and the military. Our practitioners have advanced degrees in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biophysics, immunology, pharmacology, pharmacy, and organic chemistry. A significant number of our practitioners have a Ph.D. degree, and most of those practitioners have extensive post-doctoral studies as well. Others have gained relevant experience working for government agencies, such as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

From science fiction to reality - gene splicing, vaccines for fatal diseases, genetically altered animals and plants with improved immunity to infestation, drought or disease - we protect a universe of ideas that could not have been conceived of a generation ago. Over just the past decade, scientific breakthroughs have catapulted biotechnology and pharmaceutical developments into uncharted territory. The sheer number of advances has come close to overwhelming a regulatory framework designed to ensure the orderly determination and recognition of patentable rights. At Sughrue, our substantive knowledge and experience enable us to navigate the complexities of this rapidly changing area and effectively meet our commitment of protecting our clients' innovations.

Our Biotech/Pharmaceutical Patent Practice Group attorneys have technical expertise stemming from work in the fields of:

• Agricultural biotechnology
• Biochemistry
• Biodegradable and biocompatible polymers
• Biology of infectious diseases (AIDS & malaria)
• Bone/cartilage biology (osteoarthritis)
• Cancer biology
• Cardiovascular biology
• Cell biology
• Cosmetics
• Developmental biology
• Dosage forms
• Dosage regimens
• Drug delivery
• Embryonic/adult/induced pluripotent (IPS) stem cell biology
• Endocrinology
• Entomology
• Epigenetics
• Fermentation products and processes
• Foods and Beverages
• Gene targeting
• Gene therapy
• Genetic engineering
• Hematology
• Herbal Medicines
• Immunology
• Medical devices
• Methods of treatment
• Microbiology
• Molecular biology
• Molecular neurobiology
• Organic/inorganic chemistry
• Pharmaceutical compositions
• Polymorphs
• Protein chemistry
• Regenerative Medicine
• RNA interference
• Signal transduction pathways
• Small molecule drugs
• Tissue engineering
• Transgenesis
• Vaccines
• Virology