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Although there are recognized needs for the marketing of safe and effective follow-on biologics products in the U.S., significant intellectual property rights are inevitably involved in meeting these needs. Sughrue has been at the forefront of this law and provides strategic counseling regarding all aspects of the complex intellectual property issues raised by the Approval Pathway for Biosimilar Biological Products. The intricate US Pathway sets forth the law for the production, use and sale of follow-on biologic therapeutics in the U.S., including provisions designed for determining the outcome of intellectual property disputes. The issues raised by the US Pathway are familiar to us, as we have, for over fifty years, engaged in servicing our clients' intellectual property rights for biologic and biopharmaceutical inventions. Our attorneys’ legal and technical expertise enables us to provide valuable insights into the subtleties and complexities necessary to successfully navigate this new and rapidly developing area of law. Our services help our clients fortify, create and grow new business opportunities and ventures.

For more information regarding this aspect of our biotechnology practice, please contact any of the attorneys in our biosimilars group and/or email biosimilars@sughrue.com.  


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