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La Quinta Resort & Club
La Quinta, CA

Join us as we learn from experts on how to efficiently create, monetize, and enforce IP so that your company or client can most effectively leverage its IP investment. From patents to trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets, we will explore enforcement of all areas of IP. Experts from in-house, academia, government, and private practice will discuss topics ranging from:

IP Portfolio Development Given Protection Eligibility and Multi-Jurisdictional Concern
Maximizing Licensing Opportunities in View of U.S. Exhaustion
IP Enforcement Including at the ITC and Perspectives from Patent Owners
Building and Enforcing a Trade Dress in a Product Design
The Role of Trade Secrets and Espionage in IP Affairs
IP Litigation Including Early Disposition with 101 Issues, Enforcement of Copyrights and Best Strategies for IPRs
Ethical Issues brought by Fee Shifting in IP Litigation and Export Control of IP

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